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Our heart’s desire continues to be that God would use us to connect the remote tribal peoples of Santo Island in northern Vanuatu with the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Practical training, integrated with biblical truth

Up & Up Ministries was begun, a national organization with a vision for making available practical training, integrated with Biblical truth, to ni-Vanuatu in the northern islands. Tony and Maxine Liliord and Bill and Christina Widup comprised the initial field team when Up & Up was formed in 2007. Lemy and Megan Nacisse joined the team in 2015


Where is Vanuatu?

Vanuatu is a nation made up of 83-plus islands scattered over 700 miles of the South Pacific Ocean. Australia is the closest continent, 1200 miles to the west. The Solomon Islands are to the northwest, Fiji is to the east, and New Caledonia is to the southwest. The two primary towns are the nation’s capital, Port Vila (approx. 35,000), on the southern island of Efate; and Luganville (approx. 10,000), located on the large northern island of Santo.


What's the need?

On the islands, 109 language groups coexist, many living simple lives in rural areas. Approximately 75 of these people groups speak unwritten languages. The government wants these ni-Vanuatu tribes to have their languages put into writing and then be taught how to read and write their languages. Currently, there is minimal Christian training in the context of local language and culture. Linguistic and literacy specialists, as they use the Bible to fulfill educational goals of translation and literacy, also engage remote peoples with the powerful truth of God’s Word. This is a monumental task—but we’re excited about the role we’re playing in facilitating the logistics of establishing and sustaining such a process.



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