Lemy’s Story

I was born in 1980 and grew up in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. I went to church off and on when I was little, then not again until I was almost 18 years old when my mom helped me to see that it was a really good thing to spend time with my family and those who were going to church. Scripture that talked about having good companionship and making wise choices challenged me. I began participating in Bible studies. That same year I decided to give my life to the Lord and was baptized. I spent a lot of time reading Scripture and helping out in the church.

In the first hours of the year 2000, when I was 19, I was walking home from town by myself when it began to rain hard. I felt really good with the rain just washing over me. I made a simple prayer to God telling Him that I wanted to be a missionary. I returned from my walk drenched, but so excited. It was then that I knew my purpose in life.

I have had the privilege of helping train at a Christian school through the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program. I stopped teaching when I was 24 and worked at a local resort. I then began training with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in 2006. I did a discipleship school in Mexico. I was working on paperwork to return to the program in Mexico as a staff member when I met Megan.

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