Our Journey Together

We got married in 2007 and returned to Vanuatu soon after to live and begin the ministry God had in store for us, partnering with the Widup family under Up & Up Ministries to develop a Christian kindergarten (and later a primary school), providing training and discipleship to Ni-Vanuatu teachers. Tony also continues to serve the Ni-Vanuatu through various other projects under Up & Up Ministries. It has been challenging leading a missionary life, but God has been faithful to us providing for our needs exactly when we need it; no sooner or later or too much or too small. Regardless of the varying challenges that we face at different times of each year, it is rewarding doing what God has called us to do.

We have been married for 11 years and have four sons, ages 10-1: Conner, Zachary, Keegan, and Xavier. God continues to be with us along this journey of marriage and parenthood. All our boys are different in personalities and bring us lots of joy. It is fun seeing each son as he develops through the different stages of childhood.

This past year has been filled with continuing to manage Nabanga Christian Kindy, we have found a teacher trainer for classes 1 & 2 of Nabanga Christian School, assisting in Up & Up Ministries’ various programs, negotiating life and ministry in Vanuatu amidst covid-19 restrictions, and ministering during recovering from a catetory 5 cyclone. While there have been many challenges through all this, God is the one constant thing in our lives and ever-faithful to us.

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