YOU Can Be Part of Our Home Team!

We are the ones in Vanuatu but we could NOT do it without Home Team support!

We deeply appreciate each group and individual who has committed to strengthen our efforts on the “front-lines” with diligent intercession and sacrificial investment .

Please consider the many ways in which you could join with us in serving the people of Vanuatu:


Commit to intercede on a regular basis for the people of Vanuatu, our Up & Up team and needed resources.

Be an informed prayer warrior! Contact any of the missionary families directly to start receiving their updates via e-mail, or to change your contact information:

  • Financial contributions can be made on an occasional or ongoing basis, online with debit or credit card, or by check. Checks can be made out to Up & Up Ministries, 137 S. 725 W., Hebron IN 46341 USA. Unless a missionary name or specific project is designated in memo line or in an attached note, a check will go into general operations. Contact a missionary family listed below if you are interested in giving to them, or to the general project fund of Up & Up MInistries.

USA tax deduction, or you are not from the USA, click the link below:

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Advantage Housing is a non-profit organization in Kokomo, Indiana that serves the community by offering assistance to those who need help with their housing situation. They donated items from their warehouse to our ministry in Vanuatu!

Send us e-mails, cards and packages.



The Liliords (or Nacisses, Widups)
Up and Up Ministries
P.O. Box 434
Luganville, Santo Island
Vanuatu, South Pacific

*Drop us an email for ideas of what items would be most welcome in a package, as well as important shipping instructions.


Our missionary families enjoy hospitality immensely, whether they are on the giving or receiving end. When they are in their home countries of the USA or New Zealand, get to know them by requesting a meal together better next time they are in your area. When in Vanuatu, they are blessed when family and friends make the journey to visit them, so contact them if a trip is something you are considering.