What is our Ministry Plan?

Resource Services

We frequently function as a vital support link for linguistic and literacy specialists who work in “the bush.” Their physical needs are valued, as well as their emotional and spiritual health. We help when needed with:

  • Building projects (consultation, design, finding materials and workers, etc.)
  • Transportation
  • Supply buying and delivery
  • Storage of items in town
  • Computer questions and internet use
  • Lending Library ( loaning resource materials such as books, magazines and DVDs)
  • Childcare (while parents shop for supplies or enjoy a date!)
  • Hospitality (meals and laughter!)


Team members are taking advantage of opportunities to mentor and encourage several ni-Vanuatu individuals on an on-going basis in areas of:

  • Bible study
  • Christian relationships
  • Church leadership
  • Personal finance and budgeting
  • Carpentry, masonry and more.


Advice, dialogue or hands-on assistance is frequently sought out by others in the Luganville and rural communities. **linguistics2; volunteer2

Our strategy for reaching the needy people in the remote parts of Vanuatu is grounded in a base of operations in Luganville, the largest town (pop. less than 10,000) in the northern islands. Bill and Christina Widup spent their first two terms focused on learning the trade language and culture, while laying critical relational and logistical groundwork, in addition to beginning several avenues of ministry. Up & Up Ministries was begun, a national organization with a vision for making available practical training, integrated with Biblical truth, to ni-Vanuatu in the northern islands. Tony Liliord, a ni-Vanuatu started volunteering with the Widups in 2005; his wife Maxine, from New Zealand, joined Up & Up in 2007; and another ni-Van volunteer named David came on the team in 2008.

Looking ahead, the Up & Up field team desires to “keep on keeping on” with the original goals. We’ll continue to develop our Resource Services in order to 1) facilitate personal growth and leadership development in committed nationals, as well as 2) under gird the efforts of linguistic and literacy specialists. We will continue to pursue a greater level of input and partnership from godly ni-Vanuatu. As opportunities unfold, our team will also continue to support the complex process of preserving the yet-unwritten languages and promoting literacy in the heart language of remote peoples, through Bible translation projects. As logistical help is given to the linguist/translator missionaries, opportunities surface for ni-Vanuatu to learn about a variety of subjects. These concepts are taught one-on-one or in small groups both in town and rural settings. We desire to impart valuable knowledge and skills, while also sowing seeds for spiritual impact.

Nabanga Kristin Skul is an exciting facet of ministry that reflects Christ while reaching toward the educational needs of northern Vanuatu. The side-by-side teacher training program and 4-6 year old kindergarten class first opened its doors in February 2011. The long-term vision embraces opportunities to advance literacy in languages being translated, while promoting the work of Bible translators, through expanding the existing school and starting sister schools in villages where translation is underway.

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