What is Up & Up Ministries' Approach?

The nation views itself as Christian, and statistics show around 90% of the population identifies with various denominations. Identification with a church is often based on social, geographical or political factors, and traditional religious beliefs and customs still have a pervasive influence. Others reject Christianity along with other “white man” associations of education and healthcare. Foreigners are viewed with a mixture of politeness, curiosity, skepticism and mistrust. The Vanuatu government is cautious about approving religious agendas, but it does give out visas and work permits (renewable annually) to skilled, caring foreigners who will educate their people.

Therefore, our approach has evolved to include more ni-Vanuatu involvement in both the planning and implementing of ministry facets. Rather than imposing our American-styled programs on the people of Vanuatu and risking cultural offense, irrelevancy or dependency on “white man” we aim to encourage and enable the efforts of godly ni-Vanuatu in reaching their own people.

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