Nabanga Kristin Skul (=Christian School in Bislama language)


July 2019-- Here is an update from Maxine, director of the teacher training program:

Losselinie, Rachel and Noeline, our three teachers at Nabanga Christian Kindy continue to work together there with 23 children. Rachel and Noeline took a step up in their responsibilities during the first half of this year while Losselinie took some leave from work. Losselinie has recently returned to her position as assistant head teacher (second in charge under Maxine). The children continue to be busy learning numerous things at kindy, have taken a couple of excursions to visit the local ambulance service and see some coconut crabs at another location, took part in a National Kindy Day celebration, and the teachers continue to find new ways to include the community’s involvement in the kindy.

The year 1 & 2 classroom construction continues to be worked on, and we also continue to pray for a volunteer to come over to provide on-the-job training for a year 1 & 2 Ni-Vanuatu teacher.

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